After-Sales Maintenance:

PUBT provides free parts and materials (excluding round-trip shipping costs) for the first-year repair to the buyers who purchase (receipt must be provided) from the US official website. From the second year, the repair will charge labor, parts and materials costs and round-trip shipping costs.

Scope of Maintenance:

Cup holder, wheels and pull rod.

When Will Substitute Parts be Used:

If the manufacturer stops producing the product or updates the product, it may not be repaired or replaced with parts of same specifications, and substitute parts need to be used.

Maintenance Cycle:

  • 4 ~ 6 weeks for general order (excluding holidays and delivery time)
  • 2 weeks for urgent order (excluding holidays and delivery time), and $50 will be charged.
  • The maintenance service is not applicable to urgent orders when the required parts are out of stock and it becomes necessary to order parts from abroad and costs about 2 ~ 3 months to wait.

Out of Scope of Maintenance:

  • Counterfeit products or products of other brands.
  • Products modified or repaired by other parties than the original manufacturer.
  • Material wear, scratches, and mesh fabric damage (including zipper part), etc.
  • Damage caused by exposure to extreme temperature, solvents, acids, water, fire, etc.
  • Update the body of carrier due to damage, cut, crack and broken.
  • Mesh fabric, zipper, belt, urinal pad, cart body, etc. are out of the scope of maintenance.
  • Request to update and clean without any parts damaged.
  • Damage caused by pet (any damage caused by aggressive, destructive, immature or untrained animals).
  • Hot melt glue on screws.