Not intended to be used as a restraining device for aggressive or dangerous animals that dig, chew or paw aggressively. Do not leave your pet unattended. PUBT is not liable for any damage caused by aggressive, destructive, immature or untrained animals. Do not use near an open or exposed flame. Failure to follow these warnings and the instructions could result in serious injury or death.

  • Raincoat is suitable for outdoor activities. If the cart stops moving or stays still, please remove the raincoat to ensure the air circulation of the cart.
  • Brake wheel is suitable for flat roads. The cart may tip over on steep slopes.
  • Please do not put hot drinks in the cup holder to avoid pet injuries.
  • Inside the cart, the screws above the wheels are protected by hot melt glue. If the hot melt glues fall off, please take them out immediately to avoid accidental ingestion by pets.
  • There may has black tape on the upper part inside the cart used to prevent the chips produced during the manufacturing process falling off and spreading all over the cart. Therefore, if the tape falls off, it is not considered as product damage and just tear it off to avoid ingestion by pet.
  • When pet uses the safety rope inside the cart, please do not leave and pay attention to their safety at any time.

Looking After Your Trolley

  • The soft pad inside the cart can be cleaned with water and soap and please retrieve it to the original position after letting it stay dry (do not use washing machine or dryer).
  • The cart can be cleaned from inside with water and soap, and immediately dry it after cleaning (to avoid metal rusting).
  • Regularly check carrier for loose parts. These should be tightened or replaced.


  • PUBT tries to provide examples of safe use of the product.
  • PUBT shall not be liable for any (serious) consequences arising out of any mistaken or careless use of the product.
  • PUBT reserves the right of final interpretation.