“With an inheritance of over 30 years of top-notch technology, we believe in striving for the highest quality and the friendliest services for our customers.”

Mrs. Lai Cheng toiled for 30 years, working side by side with her husband in the luggage manufacturing business. Due to her tireless efforts and her belief in striving for only the best services and quality, the tiny Taiwanese factory gradually increased in scale and became the official manufacturer for Samsonite,Montagut and BMW as well as various major brands in Europe, and they ultimately gained a share in the Japanese high-end luggage market.

At the height of her career, 2005 also marked the rock bottom of her life when her husband passed away. After going through the various ordeals that come with a loved one’s passing, she regained her footing when she met Pupu.

“It was you who embarked upon this journey with me. It was you who gave me the courage to live again.”

Never in the world could she have anticipated her complete devotion to Pupu. Wherever she went, she brought her beloved Pupu with her because she loved her wholeheartedly, like a child. Over all these years, however, she was unable to find a suitable and comfortable means of pet transportation.

Then one day she had a sudden flash of inspiration: “Am I not a designer? Why don’t I design an ideal pet carrier for myself?”

“It is from her love for her pet, a love so pure and selfless, that PUBT was born.”

As autumn came to an end in 2015, the PUBT department was established, and with it, its founder, Mrs. Lai Cheng, embarked on a revolutionary journey. In the year that followed, despite times of discouragement, there were also times of joy and a team that worked by her side with perseverance and a conviction that this was a revolutionary brand. Finally, PUBT was born.